5 Privacy and Home Security Improvements

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You deserve to feel safe and secure in your home. And with the help of a few innovations, you can easily achieve more privacy and peace of mind.

From installing the latest smart home technology to being strategic with your landscaping, lighting and other exterior features, the options are endless.

Do you want to improve the safety and security of your property? Here are five changes you can make soon.

Choose your landscaping and fencing carefully. High fences, a gated entrance and tall, thick hedges and trees can all be smart ways to insulate your property and improve privacy. You can also mount security cameras along the fence for added safety.

Opt for integrated smart technology. It probably goes without saying, but check out your options and secure your home with the latest smart locks, doorbells, cameras, sensors and more. You can monitor many of these straight from your phone.

Install extensive outdoor lighting. Well-lit properties are much less of a temptation to burglars and other potential trespassers. Consider installing lights in the garden, along walkways and at all entrances. Motion-activated lights near the garage and other more remote parts of the property are a good idea, too.

Do a security audit. If you hire a security professional to perform an audit of your property, they can pinpoint any areas of weakness. There’s also the option to bring in professional, on-site monitoring if you’re particularly worried about safety.

Go the extra mile. If you have the resources, purchasing the adjacent land or property is the ultimate way to create a security and privacy buffer around your home.

Are you looking for a more private home? Looking to buy a neighboring property? Get in touch today.